Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Frog Prince"

Once upon a time:
With her ONE KISS, I turned into A BUBBLE.
Though her kiss turned me into A BUBBLE,
With her breath trapped inside me,
I was floating up and down,
Afraid of BUBBLE might burst !!

Then she left me but I am still A BUBBLE,
With her breath trapped inside me,
I am still floating up and down,
Afraid of bursting !

I wish,I was A FROG.
With her ONE KISS,
I would had turned into A PRINCE !!


Abdul Sami said...

weirdly this reminds me of that song...

paani ka bulbula!

Mubi said...

what kept the bubble from bursting? her trapped breathe inside?

Abdul Sami said...

i hope she used good mouth wash :(

VJ Sophie said...

I read it somewhere, "You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a handsome prince.” hehe

Onthewingsofadream said...

hehhee ....
m glad that the bubble is still there ...

Anonymous said...

now that was one dreamy read.
i think i chose the turning into a bubble over the prince :P
i can pop it whenever it gets dirty!

YH said...

okay i'm no prince or a frog but where does the bubble come into all of this?

Daanish said...

Abdul Sami,congrats your memory is good and no mouth wash used,pure organic green event !!

Mubi,not letting go kept the bubble,with wishful thinking of "her memories" as her breath!

VJ Sophie,you have read rightly, but I am No Frog:)

Onthewingsofadream,yes still floating,but life of bubble is short,eventualy BUBBBLE will burst.

Sameer's seher,once you are A BUBBLE,you don't have a choice,only time takes its course,and let go or"BUBBLE BURST"

YH,symbolically bubble used as frgility,no control in existence!
losing self!!