Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Coffee Cup"

So we met at the coffee shop:

She said: "so you are with a broken heart,are you never gonna love again"
I said,"yeah I am, but I will love again"
"I see my heart is like a container with a little crack"

Then I pointed at my coffee cup:
"Isn't if this coffee cup breaks,coffee will spill out"
"Just think the same way about my broken heart"
"I am spilling out what I contain,I am with a cracked heart "

She said, "so your writings are actually a coffee spill,ha"


VIVEK said...

keep drinking coffee and keeping pouring your heart out..! all the best!

one request : could you please hit some smileys $$$ in my blog

Naheed Zafar said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your blog made me think, in today's time will I yet again come across a guy, who hasn't dated ever??


Anonymous said...

totally off topic: try cappaccino.It like a little bit of heaven in a mug.

Anonymous said...

can hearts be mend
i hope they do
otherwise, what a spillover it be

Abdul Sami said...

i like her... can i hav her number ;) !!! lol

Daanish said...

VIvEK,good advise,I did it !!

Naheed Zafar,you will if this is what you are looking for,we get what we ask:power of conscious creation !

hfm,cappaccino love it :)

exquisite,heart transplant another option !!

Abdul Sami,surely !! her numbers are no du gara no du gara,in your area code :)