Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Visitors are Welcome"

Today was a sunny,windy and chilly day, all in one, so I left home bundled up.

At a traffic stop,as an ambulance was passing by,I looked on my sides. I saw there was a large entrance to this graveyard on my left, nothing new about this, it was always there. But what I saw at the main entrance was thought provoking. A big board at the entrance saying:

and there was a second board standing on ground with a direction arrow saying:

The immediate thought came to my mind was a dialogue from movie "Gladiator":
"I will see you again." " But not yet" "Not yet"

"Visitor are welcome", I thought about this whole day and while driving back home !

The usual question we ask is like this:
Do you think,death is an ending or beginning of something like life?
The answer may depend on how you define death.

But the real question is this:
Once we accept this "visitors are welcome"invitation, are we still visitors?
As we know, almost everyone ends up staying there for good!
No choices.


YH said...

It all depends on if you believe in the afterlife. Death can be a beginning for something else and end for this life.

All we know is that death is the only certain thing in life.

Afaque said...

Yes but the answer also depends upon how we define life... this or hereafter...

Abdul Sami said...

who knows... do we know ?

it all goes down to what your faith is... yes our faith defines life after death as the real life... but in other faiths you just come back to the world... or just cease to exist... or somethin like that... !!!

Anonymous said...

You've put some thought provoking stuff here.

YH said...

True, very true. But right here, right now this is life. Who knows what comes in the afterlife? As a Muslim, I believe in it but until I come back from the dead (highly unlikely), I can't tell you for sure.