Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"colors of love"

They say,when you live together you see the true colors of each other.
I am seeing her true colors,as she does mine.
Let me give you an example from this story of mine.

I was leaving in rush to work,
She said,"honey,this is the list of things and please pick up the grocery on your way back".
I said,"ok,babe" and we kissed bye.

On my way back from work,
I am in the grocery store,I have a list in my hand:
Estee lauder( light earth shade)
Coach (is this is the newest?)
Victoria Secret(yes,this one for you)
Alfani (as before)

I said to myself,"things have been changed,I love my new grocery list".
And while driving towards the mall I made a wish:
"May our bright colors of love won't fade with repeated laundries of time".


Sayani said...

Really how beautiful is life with someone to love :)
i wish you all the best

Zeeshan Sattar said...

hmmm interesting post.. :D

Best of Luck for any kind of Love that is coming in your way

Daanish said...

Sayani,life is the best journey with a life companion surely. Thanks for best wish,I wish you the best too.

Zeeshan Sattar,thanks man.

NaVeed said...

sweet ;)