Monday, May 18, 2009

"genetic testing"

They tell me stories of our forefathers:
They were wise.
They were just.
They were brave.
And they were humans.

When the rest of the world is in fast forward mode,
People of our land are in fast backward mode.
When the people of the world are talking about human values,
People of our land are out of values.
No law,No order,No peace,No pursuit of justice.
I wonder isn't something wrong when all that is in our DNA.
"Let's do a Genetic Testing to test who were our forefathers !"


Daanish said...

we talk so much about the glorifying past but no one talk about making of a glorifying!

The real question is :are we really the brand from our heros ?

Ash said...

I think no use of even genetic test now as the hatred, lust and selfishness is running now in our veins instead of the values and teachings of our forefathers.