Thursday, May 7, 2009

"one day sale"

I love sale:
Buy one get one free.
Half price off.
Seventy percent off.

I love sale,I wait for a sale.
Most of us do wait for a sale.

I wonder if someday, there would be a sale of goodness rather than goods.
What would I be buying then?
What would you be buying then?

I wonder if this world and its people are also looking for a sale;
Where merchants of war,hunger,might,money would sell:
Buy one get one free.

I wonder are we waiting for a sale ?

But remember priceless goods can never be on sale.
Those may be fake !


Anonymous said...

I love the last line, it's the items were can't puit a price to which are precious.

tantra flower said...

Excellent! And very true!

AD said...

you are the master of words!

uglyduckling91 said...

I agree with AD :)