Sunday, May 24, 2009

"hey you"

"Hey you, my center of attraction I loved you all of my life."

I told you this day in and day out as I saw,
Time was leaving it’s footsteps at your door steps.

As time march’s forward conquering the castle of soul,
I am trying to make sense what they are telling me now about you.


Daanish said...

surely our 'castle of soul' which is our body slowly being conquered by the marchig band of Time,as I see greying hair,pearly eyes and...mind with memory loss.

The real question is :how to age graciously?

AD said...

i m still searchin for answers!

tantra flower said...

Daanish, that answer is different for everybody. I think acceptance is very important. Find a new definition of you. Beautiful poem, Daanish. Thank you. Namaste


Well .. i somehow feel that's a talk about experience ?

Daanish said...

Nameless Fameless,its ok to feel this....each of us may have a different experience with the same story !

I appreciate your comment :)

tantra flower, I agree acceptance is the key !

AD,you are not alone,we all are reserachers :)

Ash said...

Search is on yet :S