Sunday, May 31, 2009


I see that all of us are riding on Trojan horses,
like we are being chased all of our life times.

I feel that all of us are like walking time pieces,
our time is ticking but we keep on planning pieces.

I know that all of us knowingly waiting for the unknown time,
You never know,when our time pieces will stop ticking.

I wish,we may enjoy life's scenic views in slow motion while still we have some time.
I wish,we may learn that there is no fight worth to win or lose,if the loss is a life time.

Lets develop our best time management skills.
Lets learn to let go of that Trojan horse once for a life time..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"grey shadow,no house"

When I do good, good will come back.
When I do bad, bad will come back.

They say,"what goes around comes around".

You see,
When you paint your house in black, it will be black.
When you paint your house in white, it will be white.

No wonder,
Since I painted my house with a black and white mix,
It came out as a grey shadow, no house !!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"happy wedding anniversary"

Darling, it has been seven years
When we said, "You are the wind in my wings".

It feels like yesterday when our lips sealed love for the first time.

A dance of love never stops,
A song of love never fades,
A time in love never flies.

Today is the day when we felt the meaning of " love is in the air".

Lets celebrate today :
"May I have the first dance again".

"Happy Wedding Anniversary My Love"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"hey you"

"Hey you, my center of attraction I loved you all of my life."

I told you this day in and day out as I saw,
Time was leaving it’s footsteps at your door steps.

As time march’s forward conquering the castle of soul,
I am trying to make sense what they are telling me now about you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"do no harm"

Times over times,we are reminded,
Human beings are we all, "do no harm."

Thousand paths of enlightenment are there,
I wonder why those paths don't cross .

The sky,the moon,the sun,the ocean,all are screaming:
Look we are the witnesses, hey humans "do no harm".

Monday, May 18, 2009

"genetic testing"

They tell me stories of our forefathers:
They were wise.
They were just.
They were brave.
And they were humans.

When the rest of the world is in fast forward mode,
People of our land are in fast backward mode.
When the people of the world are talking about human values,
People of our land are out of values.
No law,No order,No peace,No pursuit of justice.
I wonder isn't something wrong when all that is in our DNA.
"Let's do a Genetic Testing to test who were our forefathers !"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"good news"

Journalism is not my gig !

I have a different profession so I wonder why?
When I turn on television,cable,radio,satellite radio.
When I talk to a person,friend,family or you.
There is a news............something is happening !
There is a Breaking News.
There is a Live Coverage.
Why a problem is always a news?
Why a solution is not always a news?
I wish someday,No News will be a Good News.
In our times for now, only 'a problem' is a News.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"I am no Michael Jackson"

Some people really look very fresh, make-up or no make-up.
Some people really look not so fresh if they wear no make-up.

I don’t wear make-up, but I do wear a mask.
I am no Michael Jackson, you know I am not.

My mask is not to protect you from my cough or sneeze.
My mask is not to protect me from pollution or snooze.
My mask is the 'persona' I wear to hide behind it.

"white burn"

People got black by white (phosphorus) burn first there, now there.
We read in newspapers this news first from there, now from there.

I wonder by burning humans,what is going on first there.
I wonder why people burn people if they are different from their humans.
I wonder as if this is a war between who act more un-human !!

"skeleton in the closet"

I always respected skeletons, they made me what I am now.
But some of that closeness remains part of me as of now.

I knew that then but not like this when she told me:
“You first bury the skeleton in your closet before I can move in your heart.”

"two angels"

They said, “be careful,you are under surveillance day and night.”
I said, “it’s not a news for me.”
“Yes,I am always under surveillance day and night.”

They said,”watch your steps,you are being watched day and night.”
I said, “it’s not a news for me.”
“Yes,I am always being watched day and night.”

"The only thing we forgot the two angels who are constantly writing our deeds."
I said,”surveillance is not a news for me.”

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"one day sale"

I love sale:
Buy one get one free.
Half price off.
Seventy percent off.

I love sale,I wait for a sale.
Most of us do wait for a sale.

I wonder if someday, there would be a sale of goodness rather than goods.
What would I be buying then?
What would you be buying then?

I wonder if this world and its people are also looking for a sale;
Where merchants of war,hunger,might,money would sell:
Buy one get one free.

I wonder are we waiting for a sale ?

But remember priceless goods can never be on sale.
Those may be fake !

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"this one for you mama"

This is my mom.

Mama,you were the first girl I fall in love.
Remember,once I told papa "he is a lucky guy".!
I love you mama.

I remember my days when I was under your wings.
I was protected,groomed,nourished:Yet I complained !

Remember when I used to avoid going to school with you.
Because "you were very pretty and others boys and girls were calling you as my girl friend".
I hated that then but now I miss those times.

If I have power to capture time and bring it back,
I will love to go back to school with you mama.

This time I will treasure each step walking and holding your hands.
This time I won't let it pass by a day when I will not go to school,
This time I will tell everyone that she is my girl !

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"colors of love"

They say,when you live together you see the true colors of each other.
I am seeing her true colors,as she does mine.
Let me give you an example from this story of mine.

I was leaving in rush to work,
She said,"honey,this is the list of things and please pick up the grocery on your way back".
I said,"ok,babe" and we kissed bye.

On my way back from work,
I am in the grocery store,I have a list in my hand:
Estee lauder( light earth shade)
Coach (is this is the newest?)
Victoria Secret(yes,this one for you)
Alfani (as before)

I said to myself,"things have been changed,I love my new grocery list".
And while driving towards the mall I made a wish:
"May our bright colors of love won't fade with repeated laundries of time".

Monday, May 4, 2009

"love compass"

I put my ear on the floor to listen!
I can hear your steps walking in my direction.
I put my ear on your chest to listen!
I can hear your heart beating in my direction.
I put my ear on the phone to listen.
I can hear your voice whispering in my direction
I put my ear on your mouth to listen!
I can hear your breath blowing in my direction.

I see a 'love compass' pointing in my direction !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"I know"

When I tell you something you always say,"I know".

When I tell you,"stop smoking,it is no good".
You say,"I know".

When I tell you,"stop being angry,it is no good".
You say,"I know".

When I tell you,"stop ignoring me,it is no good".
You say,"I know" .

You know that all we know is already known that's I know.
I hope,you may know that just knowing is not enough to know.

Let me say that " I know" is your way of saying,
"Sorry,thank you,I know I will not do that even it is good ".

Let me say that,
"He who knows what will he do beyond saying "I know" really knows".