Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"keeping east as east"

I know the exact suffering we face with load shedding.
I hate,"Eating melted ice cream in a candle light with a noisy generator".

Yes,load shedding has killed the romance of candle light for good.
I guess,it can be classified as a cause of PTSD for good.

I wish they knew the remedy of load shedding with load sharing.
I wish they knew that solving a problem is good for a change.

I wish somehow days of load shedding be by gone.
I wish only dazzling,twinkling,bright lights from now on.

I wish someday we may tell the tales of melted ice creams to our children.
I wish someday we may have only candle light romantic dinners with our lovers.
I wish someday we may say no to noise pollution of generators.

For now,this is a wishful thinking.
For now,the curse of load shedding is here.

I guess,this is our way of keeping East as East.


Anonymous said...

:) i still prefer generators!

Daanish said...

I guess this is an example of selective brain washing,when abnorm is preferred over norm ?

moi said...

ahem ahem i can hear the generator sound in the background, two poems on this load shedding huh?? I guess some serious current problem over there!! am i right??

Daanish said...

Yes,a serious problem over there.
This goes with years of short sightedness,both common citizen and those in power are responsible.
No one wants to pay the price for a lasting solution.............