Monday, April 20, 2009

"ten drops of tears"

To my school where I spent ten years of my life.
To my school where I learnt ways of my whole life.

Growing up in my school,I always thought that was the dream world.
Then one day I went back to visit my school after ten years in the real world.

There was a barren lot with no remains of a school.
There was not even a tomb stone of remains of a school.

I miss my school,my teachers,my colleagues.
I miss the smell,the wind,the wit of my school.

I have ten drops of tears in my eyes for each of my school years.
I wish I had ten grands in my hands to save building of my school years.


Babu Bhai said...

Good to remember like a kid your school.

Daanish said...

Yes,this is a real life tragedy :(