Sunday, April 19, 2009

"a thorn like a rose"

When I take a pill,side effects are a part of the pill.
I pay for the pill,side effects are a free part of the pill.

When I get a rose,thorns are a part of the rose.
I get thorns as a free part of the rose.

There is not yet a pill without side effects.
There is not yet a rose without thorn effects.

I know thorns are there just to make a rose,a rose.
I know a rose is there just to make a thorn,a thorn.

Once I knew my fingers will bleed with a rose pick,
I knew my blood on a thorn will make it like a rose.

Now when I look at a rose,It reminds me of my fingers.
I remember then my blood had made a thorn like a rose.


Zeeshan Sattar said...

My Goodness, from where you get these ideas...

superb man...

Daanish said...

Allah kee dein hay,alhumduaallah :)

Lubna said...

Ahhh ..this one confused me :( ..I didn't understand it

Daanish said...

Lubna,sorry I could not do a better job.I wanted to say that every rose comes with thorns and if we get prick by a thorn,it will just make a thorn like a rose with our blood.So accept thorns as part of a rose and turn all thorns into roses !!

I tried to explain :)

tantra flower said...

Lovely message, Daanish. Peace.

Kadri said...

There has to be bad things for us to really understand what good things are. People so often complain over the good having a bad side, the rose having a thorn, when they should be happy instead.