Saturday, April 18, 2009

"uncle surgum"

I remember watching "Uncle Surgum" on television.
I loved Uncle Surgum growing up as a kid.
I know my parents and siblings all loved this puppet show.

Then I grew up.
Then I knew there is a puppeteer behind a puppet.

"History has taught us that we learn nothing from history".

Now I see a puppet show everywhere with a different name.

Now I know puppets have no say,they obey at their will.
Now I know puppets have strings attached to their will.


Anonymous said...


Anushay. said...

You're amazing.
And this is so true!

A pupper I remain once again

Daanish said...

americanising desi

The show is ON just look around starting from oneself !

Shehneela Farheen said...

When i was young i once went back stage after the performance (the rafi peer theater) and i remember how sad i was to find out that there are puppeteers behind every puppet.
I just could not gulp down this part of the reality... but life teaches us alot. and the earlier the better :)

Daanish said...

Shehneela Farheen,thanks for sharing your experience.