Saturday, April 25, 2009

"SPF 15"

The other day we went to a beach,
I saw her putting sun screen on her skin.
Yes,summer is here,sun burn is here,SPF 15 is here.

She asked me to help her with sun screen and I did.
I want to have it too though I am not fair skinned.

She looked at me and smiled,"you too want to protect your skin".
I said,"I may not need a sun screen like you babe".
"But we all need a screen from war-burns to protect our skins".
"I know SPF 15 shields from sun-burns".
"I want to invent a shield from man-burns".

She smiled and said,"hey stop talking,lets get some love burns".
Then she ran towards ocean and I followed her !!


Sophie said...

hmmnn...reading your post made me remember Sunscreen by Baz Lurhman...It's wonderful just like your post...

tantra flower said...

Your wordplay and metaphors always give me a smile. :)

On a more literal note, Daanish you really should use sunscreen. Your skin pigment does not provide enough protection.

Peace to you.

Daanish said...

Sophie,summer and sun screen is here.........thanks for likes!

tantra flower,glad to bring a smile,thanks for the priceless tip :)