Saturday, February 14, 2009

"house of gods"

Romance is in the air, it's the valentine......... !!
She smiled and said,
"I'm a Libra,the goddess of love,I like romance"
I looked at her and said with a smile in my eyes,
"Wow,I am a Libra too,so it means I am the god of love"
Then I put my desire in words with anticipation and I said,
"Let's built a house of gods" !!
As our eyes met,we saw gods were LOL upon us !!


VJ Sophie said...

Hey, I am Libra three sorry too.. hehe

tantra flower said...

I love this!

My rising sign is Libra.:)

Komal said...

As our eyes met,we saw gods were LOL upon us !!

Love it (:

Anonymous said...

:( why o why would the gods LOL
i mean... unfair!

Som said...

Gods were laughing because they knew something that others didn't ... You really have some thing inside; else coming out with such emotionally charged works regularly ... keep up

Ash said...

cute as well as harsh.

Lubna said...

Cutest one !! Absoultely loved it :)

Onthewingsofadream said...

another libran here ...

god lol quite often ...

Daanish said...

VJ Sophie :)
tantra flower:)
americanising desi:)

dear o dear fellow Librans,
take it easy :)

"Law of the gods:get bitter or better".