Monday, February 23, 2009


Traffic Lights:
Red, Yellow, Green.
Are like Past, Present, Future!

Red saying ‘stop‘: no change, no going back.
Yellow saying ‘watch’ : one chance only.
Green saying ‘go go go‘: no choice,move on with the flow.

Now I understand, why the yellow light is the shortest !


Muhammad Umer Toor said...

Simply. Beautiful!!!

moi said...

Hmmm nice perspective, i never thought it that way.wonderful one!!

Umer Toor said...

And deceptively understandable

Zeeshan Sattar said...

simply beautiful.

tantra flower said...

I had a similar thought a few years ago, but you express it more fully and beautifully. You are a beautiful poet.

I am sorry I have not been around much the past two weeks Daanish, I have a substitute teaching job and have had many tests and papers due for school, but I do value you and remember you often. I have the day off on Friday for a teacher workday that we substitutes don't participate in and I hope on that day to catch up on all of my dear friends' blogs. I have 15 minutes until my next class arrives so I must go now.

You take care. Namaste

Anonymous said...

if i could try looking for a perspective, i wudnt b able to.. at least not like yours :)
love it

Sophie said...


Ash said...

i understand now too

Komal said...

Very thoughtful. A completely different perspective :)

Anonymous said...

Love this.

Daanish said...

sitting there in a trafic jam,a thought came to my mind.......I put on paper !

thanks all for appreciation,I am honored by your words:
Muhammad Umer Toor
zeeshah sattar
tantra flower
americanising desi


Nikki. said...

Thats said so true :)