Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"that's LIFE"

That's life,that's memory.....that's LIFE !!

Pretty faces.
Pretty hair.
Pretty smiles.
Pretty bodies.
Pretty people.

Keep looking.....
Wrinkled faces.
Losing hair.
Fading smiles.
Sagging boobs.
Aging bodies.

Hollywood. Bollywood. Lollywood. Wall street. Main street.

For all of us,
A celebrity or not a celebrity.
That's life,that's memory......that's LIFE !!


Komal said...

Is this all you see in life? I thought it was different. Isn't is love, care, consideration, family, friends, parents, food, journeys and so on?

I mean i wouldn't even care about Hollywood, Bollywood, Wall street and other things...

Kadri said...

I've fallen in love with aging. =)

Life is so fantastic and aging is part of it. Salt and pepper hair, sagging boobs, potbellies, forgetfulness and not only wrinkles but deep lines is among the most beautiful things in life. It says, I've made it this far, I've seen so much, done so much, and now I have the skills to go even further.

Anonymous said...

grow old with me, for the best is yet to be :d

batates_777 said...

Live your Life.

tantra flower said...

I am with Kadri! I am improving with age in every way.:)

What I get out of this poem is that aesthetics, glitz, glamour, money are all superficial and/or impermanent. In the end, we are all the same and our bodies, along with everything else, gets old. This is not as pessimistic as it seems...I find it somewhat comforting and very liberating.

Daanish said...

Komal,you are right life does includes other ingredients as you mentioned......but say people with health issues,e.g.,anorexia nervosa,bulimia....their 'life' revolves around 'body image'....my prespective was to address that as well as aging in pure physical reality.......over time we decay beautifully 'earth into earth and soul return to Lord where it belong'.

Kadri,you have so precisely described aging and its beauty,I agree...'I have made it this far',cool :)

americanising desi,OK :)

batates_777,everyone lives their own life in their own castle called body........old castles are magnificient !

tantra flower,other ingredients or assecories of life as you mentioned are part of life,but looking at the fundamental reality of body and soul make every thing rudimentary and make me think:
is it worth fight for.
Power,money,status,looks,all are illusion !

Anonymous said...

I think we're so superficial with looking at the surface, we fail to realise how beauty is skin deep and embedded in our personalities.