Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"I hate you so much"

Once upon a time,
I told her,"I am learning palmistry and kinda believe in it"
She got upset and said."you know,that is against my religion"
I said,"it is also against my religion"
"but I am kinda hypocrite,let me prove it you"
Then I asked her to show me her hands:
'Let's see first right hand then left"
Then I held her hands and ran my fingers on her palm.
She smiled.
Then I brought her hands close to my eyes and said:
'Your hands are very pretty".
She said,"I know"
"So I am right' I said
"Yeah,but what else"she asked.
"That's it,this is my palmistry,a chance to hold your pretty hands"
I said with a smile,"I was trying to guess your ring size".
She withdrew her hands and said,"I hate you so much".
Now I know,she was right !!!


Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... are women this mean?

moi said...

beautiful and funny :) keep up the palmistry work , cheers!!

VJ Sophie said...

Liked your palmistry..!!

Lubna said...

ha ha ha ..... So cute!! ...

I wonder if it is ur imagination or true experience..In both cases, hats off to u .. If it is Imagination , it is the cutest and if it is a experience then i would say it is really sweet of u to remember such a small thing or conversation ....

Daanish said...

seher,no one is mean,I will say "some men/women are just different".... not my type!!
We give meaning to their meaness !!

moi,I am keeping up with palmistry,you never know,who may ask a question !!

VJ Sophie,thanks for liking !!

Lubna,just imagination :)

Anonymous said...



Ash said...

its so Cute ...