Thursday, February 5, 2009

"these are the symbols of my tribe"

“Yes,I am an addict”
“I refused treatment then, I refuse treatment now”
“I will keep my wounds open”,I declared.

Then I said,
“These wounds are the wounds I want to keep”.
“These are the wounds I am protecting from healing”.
“These are the wounds I am keeping as your souvenir to me”

I shouted,
“These wounds are a precious gift, inflicted as a tribal tradition of love”.
“These are the symbols of my tribe”
“I refused treatment then, I refuse treatment now.”


Anonymous said...

it hurts to see so much of hurt.

Abdul Sami said...

being humans we r addicted to pain !!!

batates_777 said...

it hurts!

tantra flower said...

Yes I can totally identify as this was my mantra for the first 36 years or so of my life. Old wounds can distract us from practicing preventative medicine on wounds that have yet to form.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's the pain which keeps you sane.

MEER said...

It seems the "Zakham's" are what Hazrat Ayub had,here we take literally.Healing is a process of foriveness .But then when you want to keep the memory alive, The "Nasoor" taza who but yourself will be in control of your healing. as to tribal tradition, this is intriguing,is it literal? I am inquisitive.

Ashley said...

Its hurts man, Remember a good time, a forgive and forget that wound let them heal

Komal said...

It does hurt. Don't let the pain love you so much :(

Calm Cool said...

reminds me my wounds... phew!!! :$

Anonymous said...

love is a savage beast then