Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"just for a moment"

The snow fall just stopped and the sun came up in the sky.
Here I was on the ski range,
Standing in front of her face to face like a dream come true.

She looked so beautiful:
Like a white pearl,perfect curves and full lips.

I was in ecstasy !!

Then the moment of truth came upon and
I saw that snow statue melting away.
Surely some moments are true just for a moment.


YouTee said...

nice writing!!

Please do visit my latest post .. you find a great moral please convey this to all all readers thanks


M. Umer Toor said...

Very well.
Nothing doing with anything, I suppose, other than poetry? Oh Come on!

Aur bhi dukh hain zamanay mein mohabbat k siya


Is liye mein nay chur di thi... :)

Lubna said...

Itz not sun's fault ...the same sun that melts snow ....hardens the clay ......

Well i ll suggest falling for a living person ..I assure u sun cannot melt a person :) ...... Good luck!!

moi said...

live the moment before it slips, nicely written :)