Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"my valentine day oath"

Even when I said,"I do".
She wanted 'a proof' of my statement !!

So I raised my right hand and said:
"I was in love".
"I am in love" .
"I will be in love" .
"I will live in love".
"I will die in love" .

I declared,"I chose my own poison".

Though things happened as it does happen in life.
I do remember my valentine day oath !!


Anonymous said...

oooh lalala...
so the day goes by and the girl goes by and then the oath stays for the next one to catch up to?

Calm Cool said...

are u trying to stand first in the Most Hopeless Romantic race?
lol :D
your every post shows improvement in this regard :p

Anonymous said...


tantra flower said...

Awww, it does get better Daanish, I promise. We never are completely over it, but we can accept and transcend. Let us all find peace.

I've enjoyed reading your beautiful prose. Thank you for sharing. Namaste

Daanish said...

na na na !!

Calm cool:
trying ?
I am not in any race!
I am just following the path :)


tantra flower:
Thanks for encouragement.
'We are addicted to the power of wound.Bless your day in gratefulness and with love'.

Ashley said...

Fantastic, oathh and commitment for Love not for the person its convenient. I guess i can do that too :)

Lubna said...

OMG ... That is so cool ....:) ..

Keeping falling in love but never fall for a person ...

moi said...

wonderful oath !! :)

Anonymous said...

well said. love it