Thursday, March 5, 2009

"black rainbow"

Once upon a time:
Standing here, looking at your eyes.
I saw a rainbow of colors.
That was the multicolor rainbow of love in evolution.
Then I told you looking at your eyes,“ its not you, its me”.

Once the pouring of heart was over,
The abstract art of mascara mixed with tears,
Painted on your face was so obvious.
I saw a rainbow with only one color:
I remember the day when I saw a Black Rainbow.


moi said...

Black rainbow!! oh very vivid imagination and write up

Zeeshan Sattar said...

You are too good in giving words to thoughts

Anonymous said...

sheeeeeeeeeeeshhhhh i love this!

Ash said...

great work!

Mubi said...

wah, i liked the analogy or however you related the concept of black rainbow to a mascara...nice!!!