Friday, March 27, 2009

"love to blame"

I accept:
I make mistakes.
I have faults.
I do cheat.
No one knows this.

I love to blame others.
It's easy.
It's working.

We all know who we are.
We make mistakes.
We have faults.
We do cheat.

We all love to blame others.
It's easy.
It's working.


Anonymous said...

I wholly agree with this post.
We always seem to find it less complicated once we're pointing our fingers at someone else. Taking responsibility for our mistakes has never been easy.

Anonymous said...

whao that is like you stealing my thoughts :D


"truth" should be a good way to compliment this ! very simple and straight ! excellent !!

Do drop in my blog at times :)

Lunatic.... said...

so true! and its all working sadly...

Daanish said...

surely we love to blame others,like we never make mistakes.

moi said...

ya human tendency i guess!!