Wednesday, March 4, 2009


LIFE is a marathon !!!
I am in this marathon,
Running fast,faster,fastest.
He went ahead.
She went ahead.
They went ahead.

Now I realised,
It's my life,it's my marathon.
I am the winner,I am the first loser (runner's up).
I am the race,I am the racer.
I am the person,I am the crowd.

Now I realised,
LIFE is a marathon,
"Me against myself ".


moi said...

Yes its a battle against our self !!Nicely expressed through poem :)
BTW where do you get such ideas?/

Zeeshan Sattar said...

Another good post...... You are rocking day by day

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh i so like the battle

tantra flower said...

This is absolutely true. Wonderful poem.

Ash said...

I realized over your blog.. Truth is not as bitter if we choose appropriate words for telling it
As you did..:)