Sunday, March 8, 2009

"sand particle"

"This is not easy to admit but I admit".I said.
The crowd made a big roar of noises about to throw stones.
They were cursing,blaming,ridiculing me.

"Yes,I said it".I said again.
"I am an ungrateful,arrogant human being".
"I cannot make even a single sand particle,but I make idols".
"I worship what I make".
"Am I not a hypocrite".
I said,"This is not easy to admit but I admit".
"Yes,I said it". I said again.
"This is awareness, which makes my being a human".
"I cannot make even a single sand particle,but I make idols".
"Am I not a hypocrite".


Anonymous said...

so true !!!

Daanish said...

yes,idols are not just stone carved objects,but our love of power,desires,self,money.....too.
We worhip because of our arrogance those false masters,only to find later that we were fooling ourselves.

Ash said...

we make idols becasue we know we can do for this for the sake of our stupid ego.
Generating a basic idea(sand particle) is impossible but manipulating that thing for our purpose... we are masters in that.

Lubna said...

I write Allah on a piece and keep it on a safe location ... I know some lines on a piece of paper is not God but i dont mind being illogical ..... :) :)..

Well i am sure not everyone wants materialistic things from God ..I ask for happiness and safety :) ...I may kiss my paper or touch my idol for that ..

Hey God , I look for Happiness in my life ..My way of approaching may be wrong but still gimme me wat i want ... Love ya :)

Lubna said...

OOPs i forgot to add .... Nice post .. Liked it ...

I will make an idol/paper and ask for ur brain ;)