Thursday, March 12, 2009

"except off course"

Finally we got back together again............!

We did catching up on missed times.

Since you have been gone,I said."I did no cheating".
Since you have been gone,she said."I did no cheating".

"Except off course toys",we revealed.


Kadri said...

Toys only counts as cheating if you name them and give them personalities ... me thinks... ;o)

Anonymous said...

this one confuses me.
I did not cheated isn't that supposed to be: I did not cheat?

Anyhow, your muse is intriguing.

Daanish said...

Kadri,toys can be named and develop personalities.
You are so right.

hfm, nice correction:)
Thank you.

Ash said...

i even did n't cheat on toys :-/

Daanish said...

Ash,you are so good :)

Ash said...