Sunday, March 15, 2009

"echoes of my silence"

I was in shock !!
"For all those questions,only one answer".
"How come?", I asked.
Then,I broke my fast.
I screamed my lungs out.
I said everything but I heard nothing..........

As the echoes of my silence were talking back to me in silence.
I said everything but I heard nothing.


Ghazala Khan said...

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Anonymous said...

:) wow!

Kadri said...

"I screamed my lungs out.
I said everything but I heard nothing

I love that, mainly because I've been there... and I learned nothing. ;o)

Yawar said...

Poetic. "Talking back to me in silence". Can silence really speak? You know what they say...silence speaks a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

'echoes of my silence'

I love that, it's like so poetic and poignant.

Calm Cool said...

hello from me, how r u n wats up in life?
its been so long that i have been visited the blogger bt anyway u r going gr8. juz read some of ur last posts, all r unique like always n beautiful :)

n this one:
"echoes of my silence" its so sweet n true. i encounter this echoing silence alot thats y can feel the depth of ur poem.
remember, me too describe it in words as Goonjta Sanata .
anyways see ya n U keep rocking!

Ash said...

i love the title
so complete in tis own self

Daanish said...

Ghazala Khan,sorry not interested. Thanks anyway !

americanising desi.
Calm Cool.

Thank you all :)