Saturday, January 31, 2009

"a tattoo and a body piercing"

"Its time to have a tattoo and a body piercing"
She said and I agreed.

She was not so hip,I was not so hip.
But we were hip at heart,we were in love hip-hop !!

She got her nose pierced,I loved it,I loved it.
I got a tattoo with her name, she loved it,she loved it.

Her 'Toffee nosy" looked so Desi,though she said "No', she said 'No'.
My 'Tattoo there' looked like a hickey,though I said 'No', I said 'No'.

Then things happened as it does happen in life:
"I am left with a tattoo of her name on me"
"I feel like her rubber stamp for life"

Friday, January 30, 2009


I was caught by the mirror:

I asked,mirror!mirror! how do I look?

I heard a thud,"move away! your breath has made me foggy"
"I can't see my own reflection"

I stepped back !

I learned, "getting too close also make things foggy"
I learned,"why our closeness did not lasted"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"I entered into your heart"

I entered into your heart,
With my heavy feet and stinky baggage:
I drop on my knees and then I put down my head.
I reduced into tears,
Until I forgot why I was there?
I guess this is your way of loving !

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Guess what,Guess Who"

Hey you,
I am waiting for you while 'passing through nature to eternity'.
That One day you will show up in the garden of thousand desires,
With a smiley face and dreamy eyes,
And wrap your arms around me,
And whisper in my ear:Guess what !!

Hey you,
I am waiting for you while 'passing through nature to eternity'.
That One day you will show up in the garden of thousand desires,
With a smiley face and dreamy eyes,
And cover my eyes with your fingers,
And whisper in my ear:Guess who !!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yes,I admit.
I used to think that love is a complicated stuff.
Like, looking for a precious pearl at the bottom of an ocean.
Then things happened as it does happen in life.
Now I know,what love is:
"It's not just a butterfly kiss "
"It's not just a fairy tale"
"It's not just a two people making out"
"It's not just a pearl of desires in ashes of heartaches"

Yes,I confess.
I know now,what love is.
Love is not a complicated stuff.

This is love, when you have someone to say:
"I am here for you","It's gonna be OK","Don't be afraid",
"Hold on, jump now",'I will hold you","You won't fall",
"You are hurt,let me heal you with a kiss:here,here,here..........."

Yes,I admit.
Love is a simple stuff.

"I had a beard"

So what !!
I had a beard(rough-rugged),then I shaved (clean-cut)
Then I had a beard ,then I shaved........
They said:"Be consistent"
People,People !!

"You look like 'him' in Grey's Anatomy"
"You look like 'him' in Friends"
"You look young"
"You look old"
"You have a pimple"
"You have a dimple"
I said:"Be consistent"
People,People !!

Monday, January 26, 2009

"A Parrot named Patriot"

With my ancestors stories,
I taught them the meaning of "Patriotism":
"It's OK to question"
"It's OK to doubt"
"It's OK to dream"
"It's OK to be different"

Just remember:"Who you are"

They were my people,then they became kings and queens !

They taught me:"It's not Patriotism"
"No questions"
"No doubts"
"No dreams"
"Don't be different"

I was different then,I am different now.
So I bought a Parrot and named Patriot !!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Coffee Cup"

So we met at the coffee shop:

She said: "so you are with a broken heart,are you never gonna love again"
I said,"yeah I am, but I will love again"
"I see my heart is like a container with a little crack"

Then I pointed at my coffee cup:
"Isn't if this coffee cup breaks,coffee will spill out"
"Just think the same way about my broken heart"
"I am spilling out what I contain,I am with a cracked heart "

She said, "so your writings are actually a coffee spill,ha"

"Living with two lovers"

I am living here now,my heart is here now.
I am living there now,my heart is there now.
It hurts me here now,it hurts me there now.

This is the pain of living with two lovers,
This is the pain of torn apart in different time zones,
This is the pain of living in two parallel worlds !!

Until,I was showed the Rhythm of life by Rumi:
"I belong to the beloved,have seen the two words as one and that one call to and know,first,last,outer,inner,only that breath breathing human being"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Can dreams lie"

Yes,No,Yes,No !!

I am trying to find an excuse or it's real:"I lost you"

When, even my dreams don't support me now.
When, even in my dreams "I lost You"now.
When, even in my dreams:
"I cannot hold you, till tomorrow one more night"

I am trying to find an excuse:"Can dreams lie?"
Yes,No,Yes,No !!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Paralysis by Analysis"

I told her,"I was in love before"
She told me,"she was in love before"

"This is my second love,I miss my first love"
We told,trying to be honest.

I thought,"I will never be like her first love"
She thought"she will never be like my first love"


We lost what was about to happen !!
We lost the chance of 'being in love again' !!
We lost the majestic 'in love again' by the spell of the first loss.
We lost the chance of 'in love again' by:"paralysis by analysis"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"My Weird Side"

I’ve been tagged by YouTee And I'm going to "disclose" some of my weird habits now as per TAG LAW !!!

The rules for tagging :
The initial player of this “game” starts with the topic “6 weird habits/things about yourself” and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

Here it goes:

1.I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.
2.I like ice cream flavors like Double Chocolate-Chocolate chip (like my sisters)
3.I say"hello Good morning Sxxy" with a smile(looking at me in the mirror) every morning.
4.I still call 'eggplant slice' in different dishes:'a fish' ( since my early childhood,I know my mama wanted me to eat veggies)
5.I speak "Urdu only' in desi parties,even I answer questions asked in English.
6.I think 'long hair' gurls are prettier than 'boy-cut' gurls,and dresses like salwar qameez and sari are sexier than jeans,skirts and short shorts !!

I TAG You 6 (yes, you too)

"Frog Prince"

Once upon a time:
With her ONE KISS, I turned into A BUBBLE.
Though her kiss turned me into A BUBBLE,
With her breath trapped inside me,
I was floating up and down,
Afraid of BUBBLE might burst !!

Then she left me but I am still A BUBBLE,
With her breath trapped inside me,
I am still floating up and down,
Afraid of bursting !

I wish,I was A FROG.
With her ONE KISS,
I would had turned into A PRINCE !!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'Marley and Me'

I heard about her Breakup !
I saw her on the News.
I saw her in the Movies.
I saw her pictures:half Naked,half Truth !

I liked her then,
I liked her now,
I am here,she is there,
I know what I want?
She is a Movie Star !

Monday, January 19, 2009

"A guest is coming"

Our breakup was not so traumatic.
She told me,"we can still be friend"
"She may visit me as a guest with her friend"

The dynamics were changed.
Our breakup was not so dramatic.
No roses,No hugs,No kisses.
No emails,No texts,No calls.

Still there was a hope,at least for me:
"She may visit me as a guest with her friend"
I heard "a guest is coming"
A crow just sat on the antenna on my roof top !!

"The perfect moment"

I said, "I will NEVER leave you"
She said,"I don't BELIEVE you"
I said,"I can swear on my lips over yours"
Then I did swear !
She said,"I do BELIEVE you"
That was the PERFECT moment !!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


"Yes,I am renting"
I said,"pets are allowed"
"I love K-9"
"I am not scared of K-9"
"It's OK to have K-9"
"Just,NO human K-9,please !! "

"until Death do us apart"

Once upon a time,we promised:
"until Death do us apart"
Then Life did us apart !
We kept our promise,though we do apart !
Once upon a time,we promised:
"Life did us apart until Death do us A part"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"She smiled"

I said,"You are my North Star"
She smiled.
I said,"I will follow you"
She smiled.
I said,"I will never be lost again"
She smiled.
Then "dawn" came upon us !
She smiled.

Friday, January 16, 2009

"kiddish heart"

Remember when we were a kid,
I want to remember it today.
I feel kiddish,I want to grow old as a kid.
Its my new year resolution!

Remember when you were a kid.
I remember,
flying kites on the roof,
playing "Name,Place,Thing,Animal" with mama and papa,
playing ticktacktoe with brother,
going to school with sisters,
drinking Ovaltine at night,
sleeping like I sold all my horses,
chewing gum in class room,
ridding bike without permission,
looking at boys like an unwrapped devil.
looking at girls like a wrapped up gift.
Then I grew up!
and the memory hard drive lives for ever.
I will grow old as a kid at heart!
I guess keeping a kiddish heart is not much to ask for!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"I am NO Sun,I am NO Moon"

The other day I saw the Moon in bright day light.
He looked lost !
I asked: hey you, like me have you lost your moonlight too!
Then I said:hey cheers up,soon it will be your night,You will glow again!

Then,the other day I saw the Sun in the middle of night.
He looked lost !
I asked:hey you,like me have you lost your sunlight too !
Then I said:hey cheers up,soon it will be your day,You will glow again !

Then I looked at her picture:hey, you were my sunlight,you were my moonlight!
I am No Sun,I am No Moon.
I am lost without YOU!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I'm an Expert Ex-pert"

"Life is essentially a Learning Experience with a Paradox"
I told my graduating students.

To become an Expert:In other fields of life,
You take a test,sit in an exam,appear in a board or bar.
If you PASS,you become an Expert.
No doubt,I 'm an Expert!!

I continued my lecture and said:
To become an Expert:In love or relationships,
You take a test,sit in an exam,appear in a board or bar.
If you FAIL,you become an Expert.
No doubt,I 'm an Ex-pert !!


Whole World is looking for Peace
No One give its own piece!
The Whole World is looking for Peace.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"No advertisement"

I said:
"I am hurt."
"It's my pain."
"I will suffer with it."
"No advertisement.No display"

I wrote in my book's preface!

Monday, January 12, 2009

"I had twins"

I said:
"I am a man of my words"
"I am a man of principle"
"I am an honest person"
I will not do it!
"I am a man of my words"
"I am a man of principle"
"I am an honest person"
Until,I had twins. Then I said: "I will do it"
I named my twins: Fear and Greed.

Friday, January 9, 2009

"ShoeTube after YouTube"

Today Sarah called me at 3 p.m. in broad day light during working hours and asked me,hey what are you doing this evening?
I said "you know,today is my cooking day for the week".
She said, I know,I know but you know I have an emergency,I need your help!
"O' sorry! yeah,what can I do for you? I offered my help.
Sarah said with a deep sigh: "Dan,I have this huge party to attend and I don't have a matching shoe and bag".
So what is the emergency? I asked her in surprise,is this is an emergency!
She said "you don't understand,for me as a girl this is an emergency and as a friend you should help me out by going with me to mall for shopping and you can't say no to me"

So I said,only if Sam join us.She agreed and we decided to meet at the mall:Sarah,Sam and me!
I called Sam and he was available as he always is"single and available"his famous line!

At the mall,Sam set the rules and said " we will not buy at the first store,we will do a survey first" I looked at Sam and I smiled at him because I knew exactly what he meant by this suggestion and I liked that too !

Sarah probably had no clue,what we guys were up to, by just so much supportive for her shopping spree!

Any way I asked Sarah"so what is all this love about shoes and bags in women".
Why women love shoes and bags so much?

She was not interested in my question at that moment as we were entering "Coach" store and Sam was busy in his business.So I end up talking to myself,which I can share.

I have seen "Brain Diagrams" with a specific "shoe and bag centers" in woman's brain like a specific center for the "thing" all man want all the time!

No culture,region and religion seems immune from shoe and bag love,where ever women exist!

As we were doing our window shopping and entering store by store: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Fendi,Chanel,Prada,Coach and finally Bottega Veneta,I asked the same question to Sam, as Sarah was looking for a perfect match of shoe and bag for her dress.Sam was also not interested, he was in his good Samaritan mood, helping others in decision making with a small price of a smile!

Finally Sarah shouted with a glowing face "This is perfect! what do you think guys!
I said perfect! Sam said perfect!
She smiled back and I felt not just good but very good!
We all were happy as Sarah was very happy!

Today with this shopping trip,I think I found something really important for guys!
I think if at any time in your life you are asked by your special One that how much do you love her,you may simply say that as much as she loves her shoes and bags!
Probably this is the secret of living happily thereafter!

And now on the news is an Internet site called "Shoe tube" like "You tube", where women get together and share their love for shoes!
This may also prove my point.
What do you say about women love for shoes and bags? It may be genetic!
But the real question for women is this:If you have to pick either a shoe or a bag,which one do you love more:either or probably both !

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Big nose,Too pretty"

Things were not the same between you and me anymore !
Things were changing.

Things were not working out.

You were acting different.
I was acting different.

Love was out of the air!

You were looking for a reason.
I was looking for a reason.

We were mature.We were adults
No fights.No arguments.

You said:I can't,you have a big nose!
I said:I can't,you are too pretty !

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"She forgot,He forgot"

She was an educated and talented artist.
He was an educated and talented artist.

She was unhappy with her life.
He was unhappy with his life.

She was complaining about her life.
He was complaining about his life.

"I feel so empty"
"I am so full of creative juices but"
"I did not accomplish anything yet"
"I did not put my mark in this world yet"

She forgot that she was a mother.She had a daughter!
He forgot that he was a father.He had a son!

Monday, January 5, 2009

"Clifton Beach"

Standing there.
I remember at the Clifton Beach:
Salty tasty,comfy breeze.
Walking bare feet,
Holding your sandals,
Feeling the ocean roar.
I saw waves rolling over the beach sand like....
Lover,your fingers rolling over my skin !

"Mind Your Language"

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE,always told by mama and papa,so I always watched my language.
Though I confess that I did try to say "some" words in the comfort of privacy just to have a feel, but never in public.Even then a voice came upon me:"Words are like food,you might end up eating them someday.Make them sweet"

Then I was tested,as the saying goes:"The dark night comes when we are most content"
I failed the test.I said,and I said what I was told,no to say.
MIND YOUR LANGUAGE,I forgot in that brief moment of amnesia !
I said hurtful words !
I forgot in that brief moment of amnesia !

Sins of bodies hurt bodies but sins of tongue hurt soul.
Wounds of bodies might heal with time but wounds of soul might not heal forever.
That's why our tongue is caged by 32 sharp teeth.Like a WARNING:Be careful.

This is my daily resolution: "MIND YOUR LANGUAGE"
Can you make it yours too !

The saying goes:"Each day take down one boundary between you and the Devine"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"It can't be Sam"

I was about to propose you !
I know you were expecting this for the longest !

I was ready,you were ready.
I was in love,you were in love.

Then it happened,as it does happen in LIFE.

Stock market crashed, so does our love !!

No bail out for 'change of heart' !

No one to blame.
No one to blame.

It was love !
It can't be Sam !

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Fantastic Two"

Looking outside the window,
I saw them always together;
Eating,Sitting in woods,
Going away,Coming back,Flying,

Their love appeared to be for all seasons!

I am wondering:
Why our love is so different?
Why can't we be like two free birds!
Why can't we "be a reason to a season for each other's lifetime"

Friday, January 2, 2009

"Hold hands and come closer"

Let's say:
"TIME is a river,
and LIFE is a boat,
and WE are passengers cruising
from here to there or may be just no where!
Sometimes together,
Sometimes alone"!!

Let's say:
"Hold hands and come closer,
until BOAT is floating in the RIVER,
and until we meet again"!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"I wrote your name "

I wrote YOUR name on SAND with a big 'HEART' sign
And a giant WAVE washed the sand away!

I wrote YOUR name on ICE with a' SNOWMAN' next to it
And a strong WIND blowed the ice away!

I wrote YOUR name on a TREE with a 'TWO HEARTS' overlapping sign
And a TORNADO ripped the tree away!

I wrote YOUR name on MY heart with MY blood
And I was sure, no one can take it away!

I wrote YOUR name in MY dream on YOUR lips
And I was sure,no one can take it away!

I wrote YOUR name on MY palm with YOUR imaginary fingers
And I was sure,no one can take it away!

I wrote YOUR name in MY book's preface
And I was sure,no one can take it away!

But, MY love, as I was writing YOUR name:
Why THINGS happen,as it does usually happen in LIFE!
And I am wondering now !
Am I holding on to something that was NEVER mine!
And Do I have to change the title of MY book to:
Total Eclipse of the Heart !